Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractors have been helping people for over 110 years. The technique was first developed by DD Palmer in 1895 and the underpinning theory behind it is the concept that dysfunction in the spine can alter the functions of the nervous system creating pain and illness. The word 'chiropractic' comes from the Greek 'chiros' and 'praktikos' meaning 'done by hand'.

Skeleton spine and pelvis

chiropractors do not just treat backs!

They treat the whole body and can help you with a range of symptoms relating to:

Arms, Wrists and Hands
Back Pain
Legs, Knees and Ankles
Sports Injuries
Optimisation of Sports Performance

Our price list

Initial consultation, up to 1 hour, £42

Treatment costs:

Once we have discussed our report of findings and agreed a treatment plan, treatments are charged at £36.

Chiropractor at work

Chiropractor at work

what to expect

On arrival at the clinic there is free parking right outside, so no need to worry about finding a parking space. At your first visit there will be paperwork to complete, so aim to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. If you have had any recent X-Rays, MRI scans or blood tests carried out, bring a copy of the report with you. James will discuss your symptoms and medical history with you and then carry out a range of muscular and neurological tests in order to diagnose your specific problem. He will fully discuss his findings and provide you with an individual treatment plan to get you back to full fitness. Allow yourself 1 hour for this initial consultation. There will be enough time available for your first treatment if it is agreed that chiropractic care is appropriate for you.