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Pregnancy Massage in Horsham

Supporting you through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond with pregnancy and postnatal massages.
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Our Horsham pregnancy massage is run by Catherine Leavett. She specialises in both pregnancy and post-natal massages.

Catherine Leavett
Clinical Massage Therapist

Registered with the CHP

Catherine has always had a keen interest in massage. After having two children, and experiencing first-hand the musculoskeletal impact it had on her own body, she decided to specialise in Pregnancy and Post Natal massage.

She is passionate about supporting women throughout this stage of their lives and has undertaken various training to ensure they receive a high level of care. 

How much does a pregnancy massage cost?

1 Hour Prenatal Massage


1 Hour Postnatal Massage


3 Massages

£160 (a saving of £20)

Gift Vouchers are available

Your first pregnancy massage

Booking & Intake

On booking your initial appointment, you will receive a booking confirmation email with links to complete your patient intake forms before your appointment.


Before the session you will be asked to complete a Pre-screening form. This allows us to obtain your medical details and screen you before you have your appointment. During your session we will have a short consultation to better understand why you have chosen to have a massage.


The massage will then take place in the side lying position and you will be supported by pillows so that you and your bump feel comfortable.


We will position you on a comfy massage table facing down into a face cradle. If this is not comfortable for you due to breastfeeding or c-section scar, we can perform the massage in the side lying position. Once we have worked over your back we will turn you over and work on your front including your abdomen (if this is something you are comfortable with).

Our location

Unit 29 Graylands Estate, Langhurst Wood Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4QD

Our pregnancy massage service areas include West Sussex, Horsham and Crawley. Your appointment will be at our clinic on Graylands estate between Horsham and Crawley.

Stories from Catherine's pregnancy massage clients

"I was initially gifted a pregnancy massage with Cat. It was so magical, relaxing and therapeutic (at a particularly stressful time in my pregnancy) that I instantly purchased a block of additional treatments. I’ve since had my baby and Cat is now treating me postnatally. Cat took time and care in really understanding what would help me, identifying pain points from breastfeeding and carrying children in particular. We also explored how massage could help with postnatal anxiety, incorporating stretches and breathwork into the treatment. It’s been such a positive experience and reminded me how important it is to find time to look after myself. If you’re wondering the same, then all I can say is do it! Cat is absolutely amazing and you will feel so much happier and healthier in the body and mind afterwards"
"I have had 4 clinical massages with Cat to help resolve post natal back, neck and shoulder pain and I can strongly recommend her. She is knowledgeable, professional and calm and her massages techniques are varied and tailored to your specific needs. She takes the time to gather a detailed medical history and background into your clinical needs and the massage feels interactive - with Cat recommending breath work to help with trigger points, exercises for follow up work and she is very responsive to the client’s needs by carefully monitoring levels of pain around muscle and fascial issues. She is also very friendly, warm and communication around treatments is excellent. I feel totally safe in her hands - and would definitely recommend her for post natal and clinical massage."
"I’ve been lucky enough to have both prenatal and Post Natal massages from Cat. She is lovely, incredibly easy to talk to and really puts you at your ease. She takes the time to really talk through your needs so she can tailor your massage accordingly. Her massages are fab, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed, as well as giving you much needed ‘me-time’. I had a lovely, easy, straight forward birth and I’m sure this was partly due to how relaxed the Horsham pregnancy massages kept me in the run up to the birth. Thanks Cat!"

The benefits of Pregnancy massage

  • Promote better sleep, quieten your mind & help you get a good night’s sleep.

  • Relieve tension & pain from your upper, mid & lower back including sciatica.

  • Improve pelvic & hip pain associated with your centre of gravity changing & the production of the hormone relaxin. 

  • Reduce swelling & oedema by stimulating your lymphatic system, and removing excess fluid & toxins.

  • Improve shoulder & neck pain associated with postural changes, growing bump & breasts.

  • Relieve indigestion & heartburn

  • Decrease leg pain and help reduce night cramps & restless leg.

  • Reduce inflammation, pain & numbness from carpal tunnel.

  • Promote relaxation by shifting your body into a parasympathetic state which encourages rest & relaxation.

  • Balance your hormones by reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol & increase the happy hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin.

  • Support calmness, and prepare your body and baby for childbirth

The benefits of Post Natal Massage

  • Ease tension in your the neck & shoulders from breastfeeding, pushing buggies and lifting your baby.

  • Balance your hormones by reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol & increase the happy hormones such as serotonin.

  • Increase blood flow & oxygen to your muscles to help repair & get rid of toxins.

  • Decrease pain and increase range of motion associated with carpal tunnel, rsi, dequervains syndrome,

  • Soothe sore spots & muscle tension all of which have suffered a significant trauma through pregnancy & childbirth.

  • Reduce swelling by stimulating your lymphatic system, removing excess fluid & toxins.

  • Correct your posture which has shifted since pregnancy & promote better postural awareness.

  • Release oxytocin which will help your body to trigger the let-down reflex if you are breastfeeding.

  • Unstick muscles in the abdomen to help with diastasis recti recovery

  • Improve c-section scars including any numbness or tingling

  • Give your mind & body an opportunity to rest, relax and restore your energy pos

What is a Pregnancy massage

During pregnancy, your body changes enormously. As it changes shape and your posture shifts, the muscles and soft tissues become overworked and stretched which leads to many different aches and pains throughout your body.

Pregnancy Massage can help to manage and support your changing body as well as improve your posture, balance your hormones, revitalize your mind, facilitate a feeling of well-being and prepare your mind, body and baby for birth and motherhood. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, “Research shows prenatal massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labour outcomes and newborn health.

”You can receive a Pregnancy massage from 12 weeks up until you go into labour. 

What is a Post Natal Massage

Post Natal massage is just as important as a Pregnancy Massage and having regular massages can be very beneficial for ALL MUMS.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood put an enormous strain on our minds and bodies. During this period you’ll find your posture has shifted and this can have an impact on your body; how it moves and how you hold yourself and where you hold tension.

This massage aims to release pre and post natal related tension, whilst also providing a space for you to relax and restore your energy. It uses techniques to help soften muscles which are overworked, stretched, and fatigued from pregnancy, birth, feeding, carrying and everything else that involves being a mum!

You can have a Post Natal Massage from 6 weeks postpartum. To book your first massage, click on the link and select either a post natal massage with Catherine or her pregnancy massage in Horsham.

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