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Scar Therapy in Horsham

Specialist scar massage, fascial release and therapy tools to treat scar tissue.
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What is scar therapy?

Scar therapy is a method of non-invasive physical therapy developed to treat scar tissue, fibrosis and adhesions after surgery or injury using specialist scar massage and fascial release, therapy tools and self-care advice to promote healthy recovery.

Catherine Leavett
Clinical Massage Therapist

Registered with the CHP

How can scar therapy help me?

There are many benefits to receiving Scar Therapy. If you have recently had surgery or an injury, we can treat your scar to help stimulate healing and soften fibrosis as the scar matures and suggest self-care for you to continue at home.

​Scar Therapy is beneficial for both new and older scars. The body is constantly renewing cells, so your old scar can still improve when given the right stimulation. 

What to expect during a scar therapy session

Consultation and assessment of scars

New clients will need to have a 60 minute session. This allows us time to properly to do a thorough consultation and assessment of scars and movement patterns. 

Treatment plan

At your first session, we will agree on a treatment plan, and this may include work directly over the scar itself as well as considering the whole of the body releasing compensatory pain and movement patterns. 

Scar treatment

You will receive tailored aftercare advice, including lifestyle exercise rehabilitation, how to look after your scar and which products may be beneficial for healing. 

How much does scar therapy cost?

Scar therapy session

£60 for 1 hour

The benefits of scar therapy

  • Stimulating changes in scars, both on the skin surface, and to adhesions or fibrosis in the underlying tissue.

  • Promote functional and cosmetic improvements after surgery or injury.

  • Reduce common symptoms, such as pain and sensitivity.

  • Assess and treat any associated functional changes and compensatory pain patterns.

  • Support emotional wellbeing after surgery or trauma.

How many treatments will I need?

How many treatments you may require will be dependent on the scar issues and symptoms you are experiencing. 

If your scar is less than 12 months old, it is advisable to have shorter more frequent sessions, while the immature scar is still active and (hopefully) compensatory patterns and muscle wastage are less established. 

If your scar is more than 12 months old, it may be advisable to have longer, more infrequent sessions of scar therapy, for example, 2-3 weeks apart. This allows for readjustment to normal movement and addressing the compensatory patterns.

When can I start receiving Scar Therapy treatment?

It is advisable that treatment starts a minimum of 8 weeks after your operation/injury, although this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  There are self-care strategies which you can do at home as soon as you have had your operation or injury (please get in touch and we will be happy to advise).

For us to work on the scar, the scar needs to be healed with no signs of infections, scabbing, open wounds, weeping, oozing or haematoma (or suspected).

Scar Therapy cannot take place whilst you are receiving Radiotherapy. Therapy can commence a minimum of 2 weeks after radiotherapy has finished.

Please note in some cases we may need permission from your medical team before you receive Scar Therapy.

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